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Speech and Communication Course Fosters Effective Gospel Communicators

The COMM130 Speech and Communication course, offered by the Olivet School of Media and Communication as a General Education course in the Fall quarter, proved beneficial for undergraduate students across diverse majors. Throughout this course, students refined their communication skills, spanning public speaking, small group interaction, and interpersonal communication. The curriculum emphasized critical processes such as idea development, material organization, speaker-listener dynamics, group interaction, and mastery of verbal and nonverbal expression.

Dr. Marlene Jackson, a faculty member from the Olivet School of Media and Communication in Washington, D.C., delivered weekly live lectures via Zoom during the 10-week Fall quarter. Through meticulously designed in-class activities, discussions, and journaling, students actively participated in the learning process, engaging in idea organization, class discussions, and report writing.

The culmination of their efforts was evident in the final presentations, serving as a comprehensive showcase of the skills acquired in speech and communication. Assigned the topic “Christian Leadership,” students formed groups to present their research findings, with each student taking the stage to speak before the class. Utilizing visually appealing PowerPoint slides as aids, the presentations were both informative and engaging. Notably, one group introduced an interactive element by incorporating a Quiz Time, earning commendation from Dr. Jackson. The success of the final presentations not only reflected the students’ communication skills but also highlighted their understanding of biblical and theological concepts, affirming the positive impact of the course.

The overall feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive. Journalism student Yujin Yang expressed her thoughts on the course, “Communication is closely related to our lives, and it is necessary to learn the way of communication. Communication is not only speaking to myself or listening but speaking and listening with others. I am thankful that I could realize this through the course and would like to express my gratitude to the professor and classmates who helped me learn the way of effective communication.”

Seungjin Cho, an art and design major, found nonverbal communication particularly intriguing, remarking, “We live on a planet Earth where social media is exceedingly developed, so nonverbal communication is an essential factor to achieve successful interaction with others. While I sometimes struggled with communicating with people who speak a different language, I have gained much confidence through this course.”

Wenjing Chen, a music student taking the course, highlighted the importance of information retrieval in communication. “I have realized the significance of information retrieval. Communication is not just about self-expression; research skills are also crucial. Whether creating resumes, cover letters for job applications, or group presentations, we need to have a certain level of research skills.”

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