Olivet School of Media and Communication

International Students

International applicants who wish to attend Olivet University must follow the regular admissions requirements for the respective program to which they seek admission. They are strongly encouraged to submit their applications at least six months prior to the term in which they intend to enroll. 

An international student for any master program must have completed a bachelor’s degree from either a U.S. post secondary institution or the equivalent degree from a foreign institution. An international student for any bachelor program must have completed a high school education from either a U.S. high school or the equivalent education from a foreign school. All foreign language documents must be accompanied by an official translation into English. 

In addition, international students must satisfy the requirements of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by becoming eligible to study in the United States through obtaining an F-1 visa. In order to apply for an F-1 visa, a student must receive an I-20 form from Olivet University or another approved institution. 

Candidates must submit the following items in order to obtain an I-20 from: 

  • Certificate of Bank Deposit
  • Affidavit of Support and its related document
  • I-20 processing fee 

Approval for the I-20 is granted upon receipt of an acceptable declaration of financial support to ensure that sufficient funds are available for initial housing and registration expenses upon the student’s arrival in the United States. Applicants should also meet all the academic requirements and show intent of return following graduation. 

International students on F visas are required to maintain valid immigration status throughout their stay at Olivet in order to remain in good standing with the university.