Olivet School of Media and Communication

Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Journalism

The Master of Arts in Journalism program is designed to prepare future media professionals for work as journalists, reporters, writers, editors and broadcasters in the world of 21st century Christian mission. This program stresses academic rigor, research principles, reporting ethics, journalism inquiry, Christian worldview and professional practice.

M.A. in Journalism students may also choose to complete up to 50% of the entire program at OSMC’s Washington D.C. campus. Please refer to the Washington D.C. Academic Catalog for details.

Program Goals

In the context of Olivet University’s mission, completion of the Master of Arts in Journalism program will enable students to:

  • Integrate professional skills with a practice of lifelong improvement
  • Implement a viable business model in collaborative entrepreneurial journalism project
  • Evaluate current challenges in the field of news media and communication in light of its history and the cultural environment
  • Advocate professional and Biblical values and ethics in the practice of journalism
  • Contribute to innovative developments of communications in Christian mission


Master of Arts in Journalism (60 units)

Students must complete 60 units of journalism courses, including 16 quarter hours of M.A. Journalism Core, 20 quarter hours of M.A. Journalism Skills, 12 quarter hours of M.A. Journalism Electives, 8 quarter hours of Ministry Practicum, and 4 quarter hours of Capstone Project.

1. Core (16 units)

  • JOUR500 News Writing and Reporting (4)
  • JOUR510 Editing and News Judgment (4)
  • JOUR520 Media Law and Ethics (4)
  • JOUR530 Media and Society (4)

2. Skills (20 units)

  • JOUR540 Audio and Video Production (4)
  • JOUR560 Photography and Photo Editing (4)
  • JOUR601 Multimedia Journalism (4)
  • JOUR606 Social Media and Audience Development (4)
  • JOUR610 Newsroom Management (4)

3. Electives (12 units)

*Open: Students may choose to take up to two relevant electives outside OSMC, with approval from the program director.

  • COMM510 Global Communication (4)
  • JOUR550 History and Philosophy of Journalism (4)
  • JOUR602 Data Reporting (4)
  • JOUR603 Feature Writing (4)
  • JOUR604 Opinion Writing, Critical Reviewing (4)
  • JOUR605 Interview Techniques (4)
  • JOUR607 Broadcast Journalism (4)
  • JOUR608 Media Sales (4)
  • JOUR609 Advanced Writing and Reporting (4)
  • JOUR611 Media Management (4)
  • JOUR612 SEO (4)

4. Ministry Practicum (8 units)

Ministry practicum is a requirement of graduation. It is designed to give students practical experience in the real working environment as well as receive additional training and networking that will help students compete in the marketplace.

Students must complete 8 quarter hours of practicum in total upon graduation.

  •     MPJ500 Ministry Practicum I (4)
  •     MPJ550 Ministry Practicum II (4)

5. Capstone Project (4 units)

  • JOUR690 Journalism Capstone (4)

6. General Ministry Skills (0 Unit)

M.A. in Journalism students are required to pass 2 quarters of PRAC020 Graduate Christian Service and 3 quarters of PRAC021 Graduate Chapel*. Please refer to the Christian Service Program Handbook for more detailed information.

*Onsite students are required to pass PRAC021 every term that they are enrolled.