Olivet School of Media and Communication

Christian Service Program

Olivet University was founded for the purpose of training ministers for Christian Service and this mission remains at the heart of our school. Involvement in the Christian Service helps our students to mature in Jesus Christ and equips them as mission and ministry leaders.

The Christian Service Program at Olivet connects students with practical ministry work experiences in local church and campus fellowship settings. Olivet believes that such hands-on learning is an essential ingredient to personal, spiritual, as well as professional growth, and enriches a student’s educational experience in exciting ways. 

Christian Service Program enables students to:

  • Apply Biblical principles learned in the classroom to life situations encountered in a church setting or Christian fellowship setting
  • Exercise leadership skills through service activities the context of church or Christian fellowship small groups
  • Demonstrate faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ and commitment to his Church through regular church attendance, prayer, Bible study, and evangelism
  • Exhibit attitudes and values consistent with the development of a Christ-like character