Olivet School of Media and Communication


News Reporting and Writing Course Inspires Media Interns in D.C.

As the Fall quarter concludes, the impact of Olivet School of Media and Communication’s News Writing and Reporting course on aspiring media interns in Washington, D.C. is evident. Students have undergone a rewarding journey, equipping themselves with the practical skills and insights required in the field of journalism.

Led by Professor of Journalism Dr. Milbert Brown, the course places a strong emphasis on developing the fundamentals for budding journalists. From mastering the art of conducting insightful interviews, and crafting compelling narratives to investigating trends/issues, students have received training that prepares them for the multifaceted demands of news reporting.

Most students who attended the course have just started their internship at the media outlet in the nation’s capital. Though they have limited journalism experience at the beginning of the course, they gradually learn to observe and participate in the creation of news stories that resonate on a national and global scale. The weekly exercise of delivering news briefs on politics, policy, and culture has not only sharpened their information processing abilities but has also instilled a sense of responsibility to report what truly matters to a broader audience.

To further enhance the learning experience, Dr. Brown designs in-class writing sessions to train students to produce quality content within tight deadlines. He also shares his wealth of experience and offers constructive feedback to help students refine their reporting and writing skills.

Caleb Qu, a testament to the course’s impact, reflects, “Dr. Brown’s class has motivated me to delve into the realm of news and acquire essential skills for crafting compelling stories. The combination of engaging and demanding writing exercises enabled us to comprehend the essence of journalism and the intricacies of news reporting. Perhaps most significantly, the course cultivated in us a tenacious, wolf-like mindset, honing our ability to capture and present news with a sharp perspective.”