Olivet School of Media and Communication


OSMC Audio and Video Production Class Delves in the Art of Visual Storytelling

Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) kicks off the first quarter of 2024 with its featured course JOUR540 Audio and Video Production offered at the Washington, D.C. campus. The course focuses on delving into the intricate art of visual storytelling, equipping students with both technical skills and creative principles essential for effective communication.

In an era where news predominantly reaches audiences through mobile devices and social media platforms, journalists must promptly deliver audio and video content. The digital content landscape is saturated, making it challenging for audiences to sift through information. Consequently, the emphasis on the ability to communicate impactful messages and narratives has become paramount, overshadowing the significance of equipment or technical prowess.

This course, therefore, adopts a lean approach to media production. Students will leverage mobile devices to create audio and video news stories, with an emphasis on maintaining content quality despite the use of simpler equipment.

Students learn that the key to a compelling video lies in meticulously planning the shoot sequence and storyboard. Journalists are encouraged to be keen observers, capturing powerful images that contribute to the crafting of a compelling message or story.

The course also explores various mobile apps and online software for video editing, image processing, graphic design, and animation. These tools offer numerous templates and AI-enabled functions, empowering even entry-level media producers to generate professional results.

Scheduled for Saturday mornings over the next 10 weeks, the class comprises regular lectures and studio demo sessions. Students are enthusiastic about applying their newfound skills to produce video projects spanning diverse genres and topics.