Campus Conduct

Mature actions consistent with proper Christian behavior are expected of all students. Disciplinary action will result when student conduct is such that the University community is adversely affected. Such conduct includes violations of:

Legal and Civil Standards , including violation of federal, state and local laws except in those instances where obedience to the state would violate a biblically-informed conscience;

Christian Standards , including sexual relationships outside of marriage, homosexual activity, drunkenness, theft, acts of dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, forgery, lying, knowingly furnishing false information that impedes or obstructs disciplinary proceedings, and improper language, (i.e. profanity, racial, sexual slurs, etc). Also included are actions which are disrespectful of other individuals and that are considered hazardous, humiliating, or dehumanizing, or which threaten another person either physically or verbally (i.e. sexual and/or racial harassment and any form of rape).

Specific Community Standards, including use, possession, purchase, or distribution of alcoholic beverages (including alcohol-free beer/wine) or illegal narcotics or other controlled substances are not permitted on or off campus. Gambling is not permitted on or off campus. Use of tobacco is not permitted on the campus or at University sponsored activities off campus Campus Dress Standards , including inappropriate dress or presentation. Awareness of the appropriate dress for each occasion is an essential element in the social maturity of the individual, and Olivet University expects its students to conduct themselves by this standard. Rapidly changing styles make the formulation of a detailed code of dress difficult, and good judgment on the part of the student should make it unnecessary. The ideal of modesty and discretion should be maintained at all times. This includes careful grooming, cleanliness, neatness, and good taste in clothing for each occasion. No suggestive or derogatory phrases or pictures are permitted. Shirts or tops (no halter or tank tops), and shoes or sandals are to be worn in all buildings.

Communication Systems Standards , including misuse of University communication system resources. Students are expected to use good judgment and faithful stewardship in using Olivet University communication system resources such as:

The Internet – a resource that provides students with easy communication that may be professional or personal, both of which may be appropriate. Since the name of the University domain appears on the email messages, individuals are expected to respect the standards of the University in any use of the Internet. Accessing and transmitting violent, pornographic, or other “objectionable” materials; direct links to such material from a webpage operated through the University's servers; harassing email, commercial uses of University resources, wasteful uses; or illegal uses of the Internet, including theft of copyrighted material, will be considered a violation of the University's standard of ethics and may be subject to disciplinary action. The University reserves the right to review the contents of accounts if there is reason to believe that the above policy is being violated.

The University Web Site – a communications site that serves the campus and provides information to the larger World Wide Web. Information may be posted through academic divisions.

Violations of the above standards should be viewed as illustrative, but not exhaustive, of the types of conduct that the University prohibits.

The name of Olivet University may not be used in connection with any activity or function involving practices in noncompliance with Olivet University 's standards, nor may campus facilities be used in publicizing such activity or function.

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