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Student Fees and Payment

Bachelor's Students
Tuition* (per unit) 237.00
Technology Fee (per quarter) 30.00
Master's Students
Tuition* (per unit) 273.00
Technology Fee (per semester) 30.00
Graduation Fees
Graduation Application 70.00
Diploma Replacement 30.00
Late Application/Late Absentia 100.00
Other Fees (non-refundable)
Application Fee 100.00
Late Registration Fee 50.00
Installment payment application fee(2month plan) 15.00
Installment payment application fee(5month plan) 30.00
Installment late fee (per occurrence) 20.00
Add/Drop Fee(per course) 15.00
Verification of Attendance and Degree 10.00
Transcripts (per copy) 15.00
Student ID Card 15.00
Advanced Standing Examinations (per exam) 20.00
Transcript Evaluation Fee 50.00
Expediate Service Fee 25.00
Transcript Mailing/Faxing Fee Check MyOlivet for specific fee.

Other Course Fees (see Schedule of Classes for separately listed course fees)



Student fee payments can be made online, through the Cashier during posted hours, or sent by mail to the following address:

Olivet University
C/o Cashier
1025 Howard Street
San Francisco , CA 94103

Students are responsible for all charges assessed by the University for services rendered, additional fees, and all costs incurred by Olivet University in the collection of these amounts.

Refund Policy

Students officially withdrawing from Olivet University may receive a partial or full refund of tuition and student campus fees as follows:

After the end of the first quarter of the term, no refunds or adjustments will be made to students dropping individual classes, but otherwise enrolled at Olivet University. Refunds are made for students who withdraw or are withdrawn from Olivet University prior to the completion of 60 percent or less of their program and are based on the tuition billed for the term in which the student withdraws, according to the following formula: tuition / total program hours X total hours attended = tuition earned by the school. If the student has completed 60 percent or more of the total program hours, no refund is due. For the purpose of this calculation, the total program hours equals the number of hours scheduled for the term. Refunds will be based on the total charge incurred by the student at the time of withdrawal, not the amount the student has actually paid. Costs for books are not included in the enrollment agreement. Tuition and fees attributable to any term beyond the term of withdrawal will be refunded in full. When a student withdraws from the institution, he/she must complete a Student Withdrawal Form with the Office of the Registrar. The date from which refunds will be determined is the last date of recorded attendance. Refunds will be made within 30 calendar days of the notification of an official withdrawal or date of determination of withdrawal by the institution.

All other fees are non-refundable.