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Journalism Core Courses (Required):

JO540 Communication Ethics and Worldview (4)

This course will cover the study of theoretical and ethical perspectives in the field of communication and the arts held by scholars, and professionals with Christian worldview. Also, this course prepares students to understand the role of media and communication in shaping of one's own worldview and the worldviews existent in our culture, especially the ethical and religious beliefs.

JOUR500 News Writing and Reporting (4 units)

This course covers the fundamentals of news writing and reporting. Topics include news sense, information gathering, and article structure.

JOUR510 Editing and News Judgment (4 units)

Through hands-on training, students will develop skills in copyediting, content editing and news judgment.

JOUR520 Media Law and Ethics (4 units)

This course will cover the legal and ethical issues affecting the media.

JOUR530 Media and Society (4 units)

Analyzes the mass media and its role, evolution and effects on society.

Journalism Skills Courses (Required):

JOUR540 Audio and Video Production (4 units)

Students will learn how to produce audio and video news stories for the online platform.

JOUR601 Multimedia Journalism (4 units)

Students will produce digital multimedia stories that combine text with photos, audio, video and infographics.

Prerequisite: JOUR540 Audio and Video Production

JOUR603 Feature Writing (4 units)

Students will produce narratives and other creative stories that are built from facts but go beyond the hard news format to engage readers.

Prerequisite: JOUR500 News Writing and Reporting

JOUR609 Advanced Writing and Reporting (4 units)

Students will produce in-depth stories and, in the process, develop skills in investigative reporting, beat reporting, and long-form writing.

JOUR610 Newsroom Management (4 units)

Explores the role and responsibilities of an editor in the newsroom, and issues of management. Topics include advanced editing, ethical issues, staff management, teamwork and decision-making.

Journalism Elective Courses:

COMM510 Global Communication (4 units)

A survey of how globalization has impacted journalism and mass communication.

JOUR550 History and Philosophy of Journalism (4 units)

Explores philosophical questions, including the changing role and responsibility of the press throughout history, objectivity in journalism, the approach to truth, and ethics in the context of broader moral theories.

JOUR560 Photography and Photo Editing (4 units)

This course will train students’ visual sense as they learn the art of photographic storytelling. Topics include photo composition and photo editing.

JOUR602 Data Reporting (4 units)

Covers how to analyze, interpret and present data for public understanding. Prerequisite: JOUR500 News Writing and Reporting

JOUR604 Opinion Writing, Critical Reviewing (4 units)

This course will cover various forms of opinion writing, including blogs, columns, editorials, and critical reviews, and help students develop rhetorical skills. Prerequisite: JOUR500 News Writing and Reporting

JOUR605 Interview Techniques (4 units)

This course will help students become effective interviewers in diverse situations. Students will learn how to prepare for interviews, how to ask effective questions, when to press further and when to stay silent, and when to go off the record. Prerequisite: JOUR500 News Writing and Reporting

JOUR606 Social Media and Audience Development (4 units)

Social media plays an integral part in reaching audiences. To that end, this course will cover strategic content creation, social media analytics tools and the user experience.

JOUR607 Broadcast Journalism (4 units)

Students will gain practical experience in reporting and producing broadcast news stories.

Prerequisite: JOUR500 News Writing and Reporting

JOUR608 Media Sales (4 units)

Covers digital advertising, including media buying, tracking and optimization, and provides an understanding of Internet marketing.

JOUR611 Media Management (4 units)

Focuses on leadership principles and the business aspects of media, including economic changes and business practices.

JOUR612 SEO (4 units)

Understand how search engine optimization works and learn how to write more effectively for online readers.

Journalism Capstone (Required):

JOUR690 Journalism Capstone (4 units)

Master’s Project

Students must demonstrate a mastery of journalism skills through the Master’s Project. Students have two options:

  • Long-Form Narrative - A series with at least 5,000 words, based on extensive reporting, research and interviews, that is suitable for publishing
  • Multimedia - A publishable series with at least 2,000 words that includes multimedia elements such as original video, audio, photos, and graphics