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Bachelor of Arts, Journalism

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism is a four-year undergraduate degree program preparing students to contribute to a world revolutionized through Christian mission as professional journalists.

The program combines core curricular studies in Bible, general education, and journalism with the aim of cultivating a Biblical worldview and a professional perspective in students consistent with the mission of Olivet University.

Time Limits

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree program usually is completed in four years of fulltime study. All requirements for the degree must be completed within six years of the initial date of enrollment, except under extenuating circumstances. Students who have not completed the requirements within the six- year period must apply to the Registrar's Office for a continuation for each year beyond this period, up to a maximum of eight years from the initial date of enrollment.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Degree Program Objectives

In the context of Olivet University's mission, completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree program will enable students to:

  • Apply appropriate style, research methods, and technology to prepare journalistic messages
  • Act professionally in the practice of journalism
  • Reflect critically on the relationship between mass media and Christian mission
  • Benefit ministry areas with messages that seek to improve the lives of the audiences they reach by applying Gospel values.