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The Ministry Practice program at OSMC seeks to equip students to be effective contributors in the school's affiliate ministries and companies. The program is designed as an internship opportunity for students to implement what they have learned in the classroom in a professional environment. Students are encouraged to bring fresh ideas and perspectives from their studies to the work table and present themselves as a competitive candidate for a potential career position within the ministry.

Students enroll in the Ministry Practice courses during their last two semesters of study. The course instructor will assist the students in defining their goals of study according to specific areas of interest. During the first semester of the program, students will spend around 15 hours per week working under the guidance of a ministry professional. This person will mentor and train students on how to develop their journalistic skills and how to interpret their roles in society in the context of their faith. The final semester of the program emphasizes on further professional development and career preparation. Before the completion of the Ministry Practice program, students must present a polished E-portfolio that will represent the culmination of their learning and work at OSMC.


  • Must be a senior, in the final two semesters of study
  • Be a registered student for the semesters of participation in ministry practice
  • Hold satisfactory academic standing (meet minimum GPA)
  • Have no blocks

(Students who do not meet the requirements or hold some special circumstance must apply for approval from the OSMC school director before proceeding to register for the Ministry Practice program)

Qualifying seniors may contact their Academic Advisor to receive application materials.

Affiliate Ministries

The number of ministry internships available to students continues to grow each academic year. A majority of OSMC students have been offered full-time positions in the ministries where they completed their Ministry Practice program.