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Graduation Requirements

Summary of Degree Requirements

General Education and Bible: 92
Theological Studies Core: 16
Journalism Major: 20
Journalism Concentration (Reporting/Writing or Multimedia or Strategic Communication): 12
Journalism Electives: 20
Open Electives: 20
Total: 180 Quarter Hours

Students must meet minimum academic requirements to be eligible for graduation, according to the prescribed course of study outlined in the curricula of their respective programs, with an appropriate academic grade point average.

Students must also satisfy all financial responsibilities to the university to qualify for graduation.

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs of the university must maintain an average grade of "C" (2.00) for graduation. The grade average will be determined on the basis of grades recorded before enrollment for the final term of study.

Students are required to be present for both rehearsal and commencement exercises. If a student cannot be present, graduation in absentia may be approved for reasons satisfactory to the faculty. Arrangements must be made six weeks before the commencement exercises, and must be made by written petition.

Students registering in the university for the first time should complete their work for the degree according to the requirements of the Catalog of the year in which they entered. Students who withdraw may wish to return under their original Catalog if they have missed no more than three consecutive regular quarters (for example, fall/winter/spring). All other students must return under the requirements of the current Catalog.

Catalog years begin with the fall quarter. Students entering for the first time in a summer quarter will be subject to the Catalog for the fall quarter immediately following.

Additional Requirements

  1. The faculty of each respective program is responsible for determining any additional requirements for admission to, continuation in, and graduation from each degree program above and beyond the university's standards.
  2. The faculty of each respective program is determinant in decisions and questions related to a student's admission, a student's continuation in a degree program, and eligibility for graduation. A student may submit a request for review in the Office of Academic Affairs if a question arises on a decision made by the faculty. Appeals can be made, provided such a request is filed within 15 days after the date the decision is officially delivered to the student.
  3. The faculty of each program reserves the right and authority to refuse approval of a candidate for graduation, or to terminate the continuance of a student in an academic program for any reason or reasons. The faculty decides the validity of such action, even if the student has met and is currently meeting the academic and other requirements for the degree program.