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Bachelor of Arts, Journalism- Curriculum

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM — Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (180 units)

I. Bachelor of Arts Degree Core (108 units)

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Core is divided into three sub-areas:
(1) General Education and Bible (92 units)
(2) Theological Studies Core (16 units)
(3) General Ministry Skills (0 units)

II. Journalism Major Courses (52 units)

Students must complete 52 units of journalism major courses, including 20 units required core courses, 20 units journalism electives and 12 units in one of three concentrations.

A. Journalism Major Core (20 units)

Students are required to take the following courses of 20 quarter hours in total.

• COMM101 History of Mass Communication (4 units)
• JOUR100 News Writing (4 units)
• JOUR110 Reporting (4 units)
• JOUR120 Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism (4 units)
• JOUR130 Media Law (4 units)

B. Journalism Major Concentrations (12 units)

Students declare one of three concentrations within the Journalism Major. Each consists of 12 units. Choices are i) Reporting/Writing, ii) Multimedia, iii) Strategic Communication.

i. Reporting/Writing

• JOUR300 Advanced Reporting (4 units) (prereq: JOUR110)
• JOUR310 News Editing (4 units) (prereq: JOUR100, JOUR110)
• JOUR320 Feature Writing (4 units) (prereq: JOUR100)

ii. Multimedia

• JOUR330 Introduction to Photojournalism (4 units)
• JOUR340 Audio and Video Production (4 units)
• JOUR350 Multimedia Storytelling (4 units)

iii. Strategic Communication

• COMM300 Introduction to Strategic Communication (4 units)
• COMM310 Advertising and Public Relations Law (4 units)
• COMM320 Public Relations Writing (4 units)

C. Journalism Major Electives (20 units)

To complete studies in the journalism major students need to take 20 units from the course list below.

• COMM110 Communication Theory (4 units)
• COMM140 Audience Engagement (4 units)
• COMM330 Advertisement (prereq: COMM310)
• JOUR200 Media Ethics (4 units)
• JOUR210 Strategic Social Media (4 units)
• JOUR220 International Media (4 units)
• JOUR360 Opinions, Blogs, Reviews (4 units)
• JOUR370 Religion Reporting (prereq: JOUR100, JOUR110) (4 units)
• JOUR380 Google and the Media (4 units)
• JOUR390 Broadcast News (prereq: JOUR100, JOUR110) (4 units)
• PRAC300b Ministry Internship I* (4 units)
• PRAC310 Ministry Internship II* (4 units)
• PRAC320 Ministry Internship III* (4 units)
• PRAC400 Ministry Internship IV* (4 units)

*Note: Ministry Internships are available to students who complete all Core courses and at least 8 units of Specialization courses. Students are also required to meet a minimum GPA of 3.0.

III. Open Electives (20 units)

Students are required to take an additional 20 units of open electives. These electives can be chosen from any courses from Olivet University's undergraduate degree programs.