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Journalism Core Courses (Required):

Journalism Core Courses (Required):

A survey of media history and the development of mass communication.

JOUR100 News Writing (4 units)

ntroduction to basic news writing techniques and principles, including structure, style, fairness, accuracy and recognizing news value.

JOUR110 Reporting (4 units)

This course will teach students reporting fundamentals, including news judgment, developing story ideas, fieldwork, and information gathering.

JOUR120 Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism (4 units)

This course will provide background on new forms of digital journalism, including multimedia elements such as photo, audio, video and graphics, and examine their effects.

JOUR130 Media Law (4 units)

This course will provide students with an understanding of the legal protections and restrictions for the media in the U.S., including First Amendment rights, libel, privacy and copyright.

Journalism Concentrations Courses (Select Required):

JOUR300 Advanced Reporting (4 units)

Building on the basic reporting skills learned in JOUR110 Reporting, this course will focus on investigative techniques, source development, interviewing and in-depth coverage.

Prerequisite: JOUR100 News Writing, JOUR110 Reporting

JOUR310 News Editing (4 units)

Introduction to the fundamentals of news editing, including copyediting, content editing and headline writing.

Prerequisite: JOUR100 News Writing, JOUR110 Reporting

JOUR320 Feature Writing (4 units)

This course focuses on more creative storytelling. Students will learn various feature writing styles, techniques and formats, including short- and long-form narratives and profiles.

Prerequisite: JOUR100 News Writing

JOUR330 Introduction to Photojournalism (4 units)

Students will learn the basics of photojournalism, including what makes a good photo. Topics also include the history of photojournalism.

JOUR340 Audio and Video Production (4 units)

This course teaches students how to create and edit video and audio news stories.

JOUR350 Multimedia Storytelling (4 units)

Students will learn to integrate multiple media elements, including photo, audio, video, and graphics, to create digital stories.

Prerequisite: JOUR330 Introduction to Photojournalism, JOUR340 Audio and Video Production

COMM300 Introduction to Strategic Communication (4 units)

This course will cover the basic principles of strategic communication and give students an understanding of the public relations and advertising industries, the role communication professionals play in organizations, and how campaigns are built.

COMM310 Advertising and Public Relations Law (4 units)

This course will cover the legal regulation of advertising and public relations in the United States as well as ethical issues surrounding the communication professional.

COMM320 Public Relations Writing (4 units)

Students will learn various forms of public relations writing, including press releases, pitch letters, statements, media advisories, and fact sheets.

Journalism Major Elective Courses:

COMM110 Communication Theory (4 units)

This course will cover basic theories of communication, including interpersonal, public and mass communication.

COMM140 Audience Engagement (4 units)

This course will cover interactive journalism, online community engagement, and social media, and their impact on journalism.

COMM330 Advertisement (4 units)

Explores the history and development of advertising as well as basic advertising campaigns.

Prerequisite: COMM310 Advertising and Public Relations

JOUR200 Media Ethics (4 units)

Analysis of ethical issues journalists face, such as objectivity, bias, balance, conflicts of interest, and the responsibility of the media in society.

JOUR200 Media Ethics (4 units)

Examines international law and news media systems in various parts of the world.

JOUR370 Religion Reporting (4 units)

Students will learn how to report and write for Christian news organizations. Prerequisite: JOUR100 News Writing, JOUR110 Reporting

JOUR380 Google and the Media (4 units)

Examines how Google and SEO have impacted journalism and the media business.

JOUR390 Broadcast News (4 units)

Students will learn the basics of broadcast journalism, including story selection, writing skills and on-camera presentation.

PRAC300b,310,320,400 Ministry Internship I~IV (4 units each)

Student and instructor will select an appropriate work area related to the field of Journalism for on-the-job training. Minimum of 20 hours per week of internship work is required for a ministry internship course. Progress reports and summary required. (See Ministry Practice Handbooks for more information)