About OSMC

Welcome to OSMC, where future leaders and scholars are equipped to change the world for Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

Mission Statement

The mission of Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) is to prepare ministry-bound men and women as Biblical scholars and leaders in the field of journalism by equipping them with professional skills and an ability to apply knowledge in Christian media ministries to propagate the Gospel message through contemporary and traditional forms of media.

About OSMC

OSMC believes that journalism has an important role in the Christian mission of spreading the Good News to every corners of the world. There is a great need of good journalism in Christian ministries, and OSMC strives to train aspiring Christian journalists to take on the task.

A distinguished feature of the School is its curriculum, which couples an education in Biblical higher education with hands-on journalism experience, including internship opportunities in professional communications ministries. Students at OSMC undergo rigorous academic trainings to demonstrate professional journalism and communication skills that are required in the field. In addition, students will have hands-on field experience from respected Christian media organizations to gain practical skills that are immediately applicable.