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Course Descriptions

JO100 Reporting (4)

Exercises in news gathering, interviewing and writing news for print media.

JO200 News Writing (4)

Study of news story elements, writing of leads, organization and writing of various types of news stories.

JO220 Information Gathering (4)

To help the journalists develop effective information gathering strategies.

JO110 Ethical Issues in Journalism (4)

Today's news media: Christian ethics and responsibilities involved in the entire news process, from conception of story idea to publication or broadcast of completed story.

JO320 History of Mass Communications (4)

Surveys the development of mass communication in print and electronic media and seeks to interpret their sociopolitical causes and effects.

MC410 Introduction to Online Journalism (4)

Basic introduction to online news publishing, covering principles of reporting, writing, editing and production. Concentration on web journalism and the processes involved in putting together online news and information sites.

JO210 Editorial Writing  (4)

Journalistic interpretation and analysis; editorial and critical writing.

JO310 Advanced Editing  (4)

Fundamental instruction and practice in essentials of news editing. Emphasis on news judgment, fairness, accuracy, editorial balance, and language usage. Practice in writing news summaries, editing copy, writing headlines, laying out pages, and using computer editing technology.

JO370 Business Reporting (4)

Methods and tactics of covering businesses for mass communication. Why and how companies operate and how to write stories about corporate news from public records and other sources.

JO380 Religion Reporting (4)

Class in religion reporting and writing. Examines the role of religion journalism in faith, public life and culture.

JO230 Social and Traditional Media  (4)

An examination of the monumental shifts in media use and information exchange with an emphasis on the roles of mobile technology, social networking and multimedia in the production, communication and learning of information. Students examine the technological tools used to convey information and investigate, discuss and critically analyze the pros and cons of interactivity.

MC440 TV and Radio Production (4)

Class trains students to operate field video and audio equipment and studio edit systems similar to those found in television production facilities. Students learn how to write and produce short newscasts, master production terminology and use proper production values in their content.